What fuels can I use with your stoves? - The primary fuels for our stoves are sticks, twigs, leaves and any other flammable material you can find lying around in your environment. However, we've have also designed our stoves to be multi-fuel units. They work very well with gel fuels (like Sterno), fuel tablets, alcohol fuels, charcoal and even provide an excellent support and wind screen for use with remote bottle gas stoves (like the MSR WisperLite or FireFly)

Why stainless steel? - We wanted to design lightweight and durable products built in the USA while keeping the price down at the same time. Heating aluminum to high temperatures causes some public health concerns and the cost of titanium products is out of reach for many people. The 304 stainless steel that we use in our products offers great strength while keeping the price of our products competetive.

Your stoves have no hinges, welds, pins or rivets. Why is that? - We worked hard to come up with an interlocking tab and slot design that negates the need for any moving or mechanically joined parts that can and will eventually fail you in the field. With our unique interlocking design, our stoves are extremely stable and can withhold much more weight than our competition. Even better, in the event a 180 Tack stove were accidentally stepped on, it can easily be bent back into useable condition so you aren't left stranded with no way to cook a hot meal.

Does the stainless steel warp? - You may experience some warping in the metal if cooled rapidly (ie; dousing with water) following high temperature cooking. We recommend removing the stove from the fire and setting it aside to allow it to cool gradually. Even if warping occurs, it is only slight and the parts can easily be bent back into shape with no adverse effect to the operation.

Fire is fine when things are dry, but what about when it's wet? - This is a popular question and we have the solution. Dry fuel can always be found inside wood that is wet on the exterior. Please visit our Gallery section to view the 180 STOVE Wet Wood Fire video.

Don't wood-fueled stoves get dirty? - Well, yes. Nature is dirty, but that makes it fun too. However, the beauty of our unique design is that when folded down, the parts form their own case keeping any sooty parts on the inside. The outside remains clean avoiding soiling your clothes or pack. Dirty parts are easily washed using soap and water. The stoves also come packaged in a heavy-duty re-useable PVC pouch which will help keep things clean as well. We also offer a CORDURA ballistic nylon carrying pouch with drawstring closure if you're looking for a little more.