Announcing the multi-use BearLine+ by 180 Tack


Much more than a bear line.

The BearLine+ includes: 80 feet + 50 feet of 550 Paracord

Two climbing-rated carabiners

Tough CORDURA® safety throw bag

Easy is the key.

  • Easy.  Stops the frustration of trying to drag a heavy line over a tree limb.
  • Easy.  The block and tackle arrangement provides mechanical advantage to hoist heavier loads easily.
  • Easy & Safe.  The CORDURA® throw bag replaces that loose rock that keeps coming untied and hitting you in the head.
  • Easy.  Generous lengths of paracord allow you to string a bear line in a larger variety of places.
  • Easy.  Skip those frustrating knots with the climbing-rated carabiners.
  • Easy.  Color-coded paracord to sort lines with ease.
  • Easy.  Light weight.  Easy to carry in your pack.
  • Easy.  The Decision.


bear line ~ motorcycle recovery system ~ utility cord ~ climbing rated carabiners ~ bowline for boat

tie downs ~ straps ~ backpack repair ~ snares ~ nets ~ fishing line ~ guy lines for tarp or tent

trip line ~ gardening ~ tool repair ~ medical applications ~ sewing ~ clothes line ~ block and tackle

cots ~ stretchers ~ boot laces ~ leash ~ snares ~ fish stringer ~ game hoist

Food bag NOT included

Don't forget to add a 180 Stove, 180-VL, or Ash Pan for your pack.

180 Tack products are proudly manufactured and assembled here in America.